Park Social Soccer Co


What inspired you to start your business? How did you go about it?

My interest in social enterprise, my love of soccer and design, and a conversation with Steve Jobs inspired me to start PARK.

Was there a turning point when you knew you were onto a good thing?

I think the feeling came gradually as I developed the idea and gathered feedback from customers. The best bit was when I heard the kids independently talking about the brand and relaying what it stands for in their own words.

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your business?

Having the freedom to make the decisions that I think are the right ones, and working with really smart people.

What sort of person buys your products?

Our customers range in age from 6 to 60, but they all share common interests: they have a social conscience, they appreciate good design and are into soccer (or know someone who is).

What makes your product different? Why do you think it has succeeded?

We are the first sports lifestyle brand to have our social conscience baked into our DNA from the beginning. Every product we make helps kids in need, and I believe our customers want a clear purpose from their favourite brands.

Have you identified any design and/or business trends you have had to address in the last year?

Increasingly customers demand their brands have a transparent social mission, PARK is here to deliver on that promise for them.