Ena Products


How did you come up with your business name? 

When coming up with my business name, I was trying to think of something that would be close to my heart but take on its own meaning in the marketplace.  My grandmother’s name was Ena.  It was perfect.  It also worked nicely from a graphic perspective!

Tell us three things that make your product stand out. 

The unique recipes that were created by me personally.  
Our beautifully designed packaging. 
We use the highest quality botanicals while keeping our products at an affordable price point.

Describe how you felt when you started to get your first customers. How has your relationship with your customers grown / changed since then? 

Being a labour of love, I feel supremely grateful that customers love our range. Whenever we get positive feedback it’s truly heart-warming. As we grow as a company, that will never change.

Describe the kind of person who buys your products. Why do you think they love your business? How do they benefit from your products?

Our customers appreciate style, are well informed, and authentic. They expect quality ingredients and ethical practices, while enjoying an uplifting, luxurious experience. Containing no nasty chemicals in any of our products, we give them the peace of mind that each time they use Ena they are promoting their own personal well-being while being gentle on the environment.

Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

My biggest inspiration was my mother Beth (who’s middle name also happens to be Ena).  Mum raised four children on her own, while building a successful sportswear label, that became the “go to” tennis apparel label around the country.  Tennis was her passion, so she set about creating a business that enabled her to mix the two.  As this was Mum’s passion, so too is Ena for me.

What advice would you give to someone who has a creative business idea?

If you’re going to turn your passion into your business, take the emotion out of the mix.  Customers, particularly stockists, will make decisions based on their business alone.  It’s not personal if they decide not to go with you.  If you love what you do you will find your tribe along the way.