Fox & Ramona


Tell us three things that excite you about doing what you do.

Having creative freedom – I can make whatever want, there are no rules and no boundaries. The possibilities are endless in the creative design and also in the business itself. When people say that they love my work, it drives me to keep exploring, creating and growing.

How do you keep your business fresh and exciting? Do you have any new, upcoming products in the works that you can tell us about?

At this year's Big Design Trade, I’m going to be releasing a new range of textured concrete planters along with some stained concrete planters. There may even be some concrete artworks!

What kind of role has the support of retailers played in the success of your business?

I feel very fortunate to have the most wonderful retailers support my brand, many of which I met at last year's Big Design Trade. I generate most of my business through supplying retail stores so having this kind of support is paramount to the longevity of my business. And it goes two ways. My retailers are mostly people just like me, running their own small business, doing what they love, supporting other small businesses. So we’re all in it together really.