Capra Designs


What inspired you to start Capra Designs? How did you go about it?

Thomas and I have always spent our spare time designing, making and crafting together for no other purpose but leisure. Along with most of Melbourne, five years ago I started to become obsessed with indoor plants and while I had collected a beautiful array of plants, I didn’t have pots and hangers to put them in. Tom set about designing and making plant stands, while I experimented with mould making and resin casting. I fell in love with the colours, patterns and textures and spent every spare moment for a year experimenting. One month after our son Banjo was born we launched Capra Designs. We felt strongly about leading by example for our son and living out our passion.

Was there a turning point when you knew you were onto a good thing?

After Tom had designed the Crescent Stand and it was proudly placed in our living room, everyone who came over wanted one. That was the ah-ha moment when we knew there was interest. Then a week after our launch Modern Times and The Design Files both featured Capra Designs and we felt a strong tick of approval for our designs and craftsmanship. 

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your business?

Where do I start! Firstly, seeing ideas come to life and being loved by others as much as yourself. Secondly, being able to choose to have a happy, cooperative, respectful work place. Thirdly, overcoming challenges, learning from them and realising your own strength of tenacity and resilience. 

What sort of person buys your products? 

People who appreciate design but also want products to be accessible and functional. Those who are home proud, plant crazy or gift buying. 

What makes your product different? Why do you think it has succeeded?

I think colour has been one of our strengths from the beginning. We started at the height of the Scandinavian trend where soft greys and pinks were everywhere. We totally went against the grain by launching with blue, navy, mustard and black. Our aesthetic is simplistic form meets detailed surface design.