Misty's Salted Caramel


Tell us the story of your business – was there a particular moment, person, or need that inspired it?

I made salted caramel macarons for a work afternoon tea and caught one of my colleagues spooning the sauce that had oozed into the tupperware container. It was just before Christmas so I decided to make some jars of the sauce as gifts for friends and family. On Christmas morning Mum said “You could sell this, Mist!”. And here we are. Mum has sinced passed away but she inspires me everyday, remembering how supportive she was and her own business acumen.

What first steps did you take to turn your business idea into a reality? Was it difficult, or did everything come naturally?

Initially, I didn't find it scary. I kept working full time with the salted caramel as a side hustle, so I mitigated any financial risk. I also didn't overcapitalise; I would buy enough supplies for a couple of upcoming markets and not purchase more until I had sold those products. It's not an overly efficient way of doing it. I look back at the prices I was paying compared to now, where I have the advantage of economies of scale. But it's important to make sure you have a market for your product or service before you invest too much financially. The first step you need to take when setting up a food business is to speak to your local council about regulations in that particular area. There's a lot of Googling to work out what you need to do and talk to as many people as you can who have experience in the area.

Tell us three things that make your product stand out.

1. Misty's Salted Caramel sauces are deliciously decadent!  The range includes Original, Gingerbread, Peanut, Chilli, Mint, Vegan Coconut and Brandy, which are all hand made in Melbourne from local ingredients.

2. They're free from nasty preservatives. 

3. The products are plastic free. We use glass jars and print the label artwork and ingredients list directly onto the jars so there are no adhesive labels. Our packaging is sourced from local Victorian businesses too.

Describe the kind of person who buys your products. Why do you think they love your business? How do they benefit from your products?

My customers are fine food lovers who appreciate delicious locally made products and support other local businesses. They read food labels; they want to know what's in their products and where these ingredients are sourced. They also love Misty's Salted Caramel because of the nostalgic feeling they get from high quality homemade products.

Tell us what excites you most about doing what you do.
The reward of watching something you have made and grown being enjoyed by complete strangers is really exciting! I love the flexibility of running my own business too; the opportunities to grow are endless.