Applications are now closed and the show is fully booked. If you would like to be considered for our waiting list in the event of a cancellation, please email us at enquiries@thebigdesigntrade.com


This is an industry-only event. All attendees must either pre-register or register at the event providing proof of their business. All attendees and exhibitors will be issued lanyards with their details so everyone can easily identify whom they are speaking with.


We believe good food is essential for any event so once again we will bring the best coffee, food and drinks from some of Melbourne's favourite taste-makers. Design is our first passion but food is definitely a close second.


Stands will be constructed from timber walling (painted white) so that exhibitors can create a bespoke space that reflects their brand. Each stand will have a 2.4m high back wall, on to which shelving and signage can be attached, as well as 1m deep return walls either side.

Each stand will receive a minimum of two 300w arm lights attached to their back wall to showcase their products. Additional floodlights will be installed overhead to create a warm ambience within the space.


Floorspace will be calculated at $375 per sqm with a variety of stall sizes available, starting with a 3x2m stand at $2,250. A 3x3m stand will cost $3,375 and so on. Prices listed exclude GST. A 10% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your stand, due in September 2017, with two additional payments to be made in January 2018 (30%) and April 2018 (60%).


Parking is available at Secure Parking in Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.
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Meat Market is wheelchair accessible.