About us

The Big Design Trade is an industry only event for discerning buyers from across Australia and New Zealand who are committed to stocking original, high quality and ethically made products in their stores. The event will deliver a curated line-up of the most unique offerings in fashion, jewellery, homewares, art prints, stationery, body products and kids gifts – all under one roof.

The inaugural boutique event will showcase new ranges from 81 of the most inspiring creative talents from all corners of Australia as well as highly regarded international brands represented by local distributors. The focus of this show will be to build strong lasting relationships between exhibitors and buyers who understand the value of independent design.

"The personal element that is inscribed into each and every piece I create is so important. I think that most people can identify the brands that are making genuine connections with their products, rather than a diluted attempt to cash in on trends. The reality is that we are all living in a grossly mass-consumer environment, but people are slowly reverting back to more minimal and meaningful purchases. I am building my business and brand for the future, not for today – I've chosen the long road, to make a more conscious impact over short-term instant rewards. Abby Seymour, jewellery designer and exhibitor at The Big Design Trade 2018

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